One of my hobbies is brewing beer.  I have been doing this since 2010 and have made several batches of various styles of beer, including stouts, pale ales, IPAs, ESBs, Classic American Pilsners, Dubbels. Tripels, and others.

clear plastic bottles with beer
This is the first batch of beer I brewed in January 2010.

I currently use the Mr. Beer brewing system.  It makes about 2 gallons of beer a batch.  It's easy to brew a batch and the equipment does not take up too much space.  I eventually want to move to a more standard 5-gallon system, but for now I enjoy the small batches.

The Mr. Beer fermentor
The Mr. Beer fermenter.

picture of my IPA in a beer stein
A picture of one of my favorite batches, an IPA I made in the spring of 2011.